Allfine Industries Private Limited

Strongest E-rickshaw Manufacturers

Allfine Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of Allfine International Co. Ltd(UK). The company started its India operations in 2013 in the construction steel segment.

In 2016 company invested in the electric automobile segment under the leadership of Indian operations director Mr. Sandeep Bassi who has 20 years of enriched experience in the automotive industry.

Allfine E-vehicles which are unique in technology and deliver high product reliability for Indian road conditions. All E-vehicles are I-CAT approved, & designed and developed by Allfine Industries Private Limited in technical collaboration with Allfine International Co. Ltd(UK)

Allfine aim is to make EVs more affordable, reliable, and perfect alternatives to ICE.

Allfine electric vehicles are India’s first 60 V DC-based systems, inbuilt with the highest safety features for electric failures. We are pleased to offer you our product with a commitment to quality, warranty &after-sales services.

Innovation is at the heart of our E-Rickshaw brand. We invest in research and development to constantly improve our vehicles’ performance, battery life, and design. As technology advances, we integrate cutting-edge features, making our E-Rickshaws smarter, safer, and more comfortable for everyone.

To innovate, update technology and services through R&D, and is committed to using the same in an E.A.S.E (Economic, Aesthetic, Safe & strong, and Eco-friendly) manner for the growth and development of the community as a whole.

Our core strength is to deliver the highest mileage per charger, which is unbeatable by any of our competitors in this industry. We are pleased to offer you our product with a commitment to quality, warranty, and after-sales services.